Slowdown Coffee

logo | packaging

For Slowdown Coffee I designed a logo, corporate identity and packaging stickers. Slowdown stands for; taking the time to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, instead of having a rushed take-away. Hence the pay-off “Time for coffee”.

The client was looking for a “Retro, 50’s look”, because Slowdown is produced in the old fashioned way and they sell ungrinded coffee beans. The logo is an abstract form of Calligraphy and has a classic-modern look. The main colors are dark brown, light brown and beige, coming from the different types of coffee. By using beige instead of white, the style is classical and gives a warm feeling.

To visualise that cozy 50’s atmosphere, I chose to use colored patterns. At that time, these were often found in curtains, furniture and clothing. Every flavor has their own pattern and color palette, which makes them identical and easy to recognise. The illustrative style is often combined with modern photography with close-up images of coffee.