Logo & use

The identification of every company or organisation starts with a logo. In past few years I have designed many and I still think it is one of the most fun things to do. My inner perfectionist can let herself completely free, to fully refine every tiny detail. Endless possibilities with characters, styles, shapes and colors make the design process of a logo always unique.


Qigong coach for women. Qigong is part of the Chinese medicine, that is taught to maintain and improve the physical and mental balance. The character S incorporates a simplified version of the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol, which refers to that balance.

Find It

A company in Wanaka that does underground 3D scans to find cables and pipes before they start digging. Because they mainly scan mountainous areas, I have combined the signal symbol with a mountain range.

The Crowded House

A hostel and guesthouse in Malaysia, where I volunteered for a month and created this logo and street sign. The hostel is located next to the rainforest under a tree with a hornbill family, which is why I have pictured these in the logo.

The Global Eyes

A travel blog about conscious travelling, without unnecessary luxury. The O and the big circle visualise both an eye and a globe with solar eclipse.


An electrical engineer who specialising in the construction of offshore wind farms. The windmill symbol consists of the colors; red, blue and yellow, which are the three main colors in the wiring.

De Reizende Vegetariër

Means: The traveling vegetarian. A travel and food blog for vegetarians and vegans. The logo is handwritten and in combination with the leaves, it gives an (environmentally) friendly feel. She continued under a new name; Vegan Travel Life.


An electrical engineer and consultancy. I used the same broken circle for all four characters, two of which are connected like the lines on a motherboard.


Binno advises and supports municipalities with the implementation of Shared Governance: forms of governance in which the municipality, residents and other parties jointly take the responsibility for public affairs. Binno stands for Board Innovation and is shortened to BI, therefore the B has both characters in one shape.