As a graphic designer, I have build my life around shapes and colors while decorating it with my passion for typography. I love to transform long and complex information into a clear and striking image, always fitting to the audience.


Who is Omula?

That is me, Malou Warmerdam. A graphic designer from the Netherlands. For over 14 years, design has been an important part of my life and in June 2020, I started as a freelancer with Omula. In June 2010, I finished my design studies at Media College in Amsterdam and in 2014, I got my Bachelor’s Degree at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Being creative started out early; arts & crafts, drawing, sewing clothes & accessories or refurbishing old objects. For me, creativity is all around and I love to work with my hands. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience during internships, at design agencies and as a freelancer. I have developed my own style, where clear communication is key. Colorful, illustrative & clean is my mark and with a good eye for detail, my work is finished to perfection.

What I do

logo & identity
dtp & print
Video afspelen

Besides functional and effective, sustainability is important to me as well. I like to come up with a green solution and make environmentally friendly choices for the application.

Others about me

Malou has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Distance & time zones have proved no barrier to communication. Malou has an incredible way of turning an ordinary idea into something extraordinary. We love working with Malou, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented graphic designer.​
Onze geschenkverpakkingen hebben een volledig nieuwe uitstraling gekregen die perfect past bij onze bestaande etikettenlijn. Wij zijn zeer tevreden over het eindresultaat en het proces daar naartoe. De samenwerking met Malou is soepel, erg prettig en haar enthousiasme zie je terug in haar werk. Wij kunnen iedereen aanraden met Malou samen te werken!
Wat kun je zeggen over deze talentvolle grafisch ontwerper? Doorgeven wat mijn boeklezers tegen mij zeggen: "Wat een fantastisch boek heb je geschreven. Het ziet er prachtig uit. Je mag trots zijn." Ik heb de verhalen geschreven, maar Malou heeft haarfijn aangevoeld wat ik en mijn boek nodig hadden. Zij heeft het ontworpen! Het is fijn communiceren en afspraken maken met deze creatieve professional.
I had witnessed her work a couple of years ago, when we were working together in the same agency. And when I heard Malou is also doing motion design, she was my choice of designer for short animations. Malou never fails to take any idea (whether it’s simple, boring or elaborate) and turn it into something amazing. I’m very glad to have had the chance to work with her and I am certain we will work on more projects in the future.

Have a look at my work and see if I could do something for you as well!